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Objectives vs. Methods

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is certainly an imperfect leader.  TAFKAS really questioned her judgement on the Maguire and the Council grants business.  But her government’s management of the latest Sydney/NSW Covid cluster has been exemplary. The thing that strikes TAFKAS … Continue reading

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Creightonaxy Files

Read Adam Creighton in the Australian today.  One of his best in TAFKAS’ opinion.  This but 2 snippets: For many in the public sector and secure corporate roles, it’s been a terrific year: same or more pay, more leisure, less … Continue reading

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TAFKAS knows it is just semantics but it really bugs him when he hears or reads references to “free healthcare” in Australia.  As did Caroline Overington in the Oz today: Free, universal public health — it’s what we do in … Continue reading

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Said vs. Done

No doubt he is again in a Catallax-minority, but to TAFKAS’ mind, Tony Abbott was a terrible Prime Minister. Not as bad as John Howard but still pretty bad. His was a toxic cocktail of administrative incompetence and policy flip-floppery … Continue reading

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Keynes at the core

In today’s Nine media papers, Ross Gittins is taking his usual Keynesian walk in the park: So why has the economy snapped back in a way few thought possible? First, because this debt-and-deficit obsessed government, which would never even utter … Continue reading

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Christmas is for columnists: please give generously

Today in The Australian It was three weeks before Christmas when the dreaded telegram arrived. I refer, dear readers, to 40 years ago, when I was not only young and gay (as we used to say in that more innocent … Continue reading

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Gee. What a surprise.

The Australian is reporting that the Queensland public servants’ superannuation fund is possibly in deficit.  But: State Actuary Wayne Cannon said the Queensland fund’s position still “compares extremely favourably with other governments in Australia” No thanks to the Palaszczuk government.  … Continue reading

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Doug Anthony – my role in his upfall

Doug Anthony, who died this week, was my boss for 6 month three decades ago.  He was among the most amiable of politicians.  I have a short piece in Quadrant about him. Though certainly no supporter of laissez faire, Anthony … Continue reading

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ALP Staffers to Tax Payers – work harder so we can get more

Willie Sutton was an America bank robber. When asked why he robbed banks, he is reported to have replied: Because that’s where the money is. On the theme of robbery and other people’s money, Adam Creighton has reported in the … Continue reading

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Skinless Chickens

Meet the skinless chickens (AKA our university vice-chancellors) Australia came to a fork in the road. The private sector went one way. The public sector the other, singing wee-wee-wee all the way to a comfortable home.  As a community, we … Continue reading

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