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Even that rain that falls won’t quench my thirst for knowledge!

“Even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and river systems” [my emphasis] – Tim Flannery, 2007 (reported here). Warragamba dam (above) spilling over yesterday. Clearly nothing happening (above) to river systems. So naturally, Tim’s Climate Council  (he … Continue reading

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Saving the Portland smelter: one problem solved, others created

With its rescue package of a low-cost electricity supply for Victoria’s Portland aluminium smelter, the Commonwealth and Victorian governments have reprieved the smelter from a hangman’s scaffold that they themselves built. The Portland aluminium smelter, along with Tomago (NSW), Boyne … Continue reading

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The United Republic of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The C-grade actress Meghan Markle seems to have been obsessed by Royalty since she was a young girl. Now 39 years old, Markle dreamed and then plotted to become a Royal. She would succeed where Diana failed. Meghan wanted to … Continue reading

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Presumption of guilt unshackles society’s bigotries

Today in The Australian For those committed to preserving a society worth living in, few sights could be more dispiriting than that of mass rallies undermining the presumption of innocence. But last Monday’s demonstrations should have been eminently predictable. After … Continue reading

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Diplomatic bullying of Australia by EU/US climate crisis devotees

I have a piece in the Spectator about the EU Ambassador in Canberra, Michael Pulch, threatening Australian exporters’ market access unless we increase our penalties on coal. Rather than raging against this truly outrageous threat, the newly minted head of … Continue reading

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Vaccination Roll Out: Triumph or Tragedy?

The Morrison Government’s handling of the pandemic has been pretty average. Having outsourced hotel quarantine and testing and tracing regimes to the states the Federal government’s role has largely been reduced to that of an interested bystander and funder of welfare … Continue reading

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Political Marching Orders

Last week you might have read that Linda Reynolds paid out a “substantial sum” to Brittany Higgins in settlement of a defamation claim. I’m not sure what is worse: the fact that Reynolds managed to get sued in the first … Continue reading

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The Cormann factor

The OECD in times gone by was the spearhead of economic reform promoting smaller government, free trade, dismantling of industry support (with agriculture always an exception given the protectionism of Europe and Japan). In more recent times it has focussed … Continue reading

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Further progress in Australia’s suicidal energy policies!

The announced closure seven years from now of EnergyAustralia’s Victoria’s Yallourn power station is an inevitable outcome of the subsidies that governments provide to wind and solar. Yallourn supplies one fifth of Victoria’s electricity and about 8 per cent of … Continue reading

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Contempt of Court

No one should be subjected to smear that Christian Porter has endured. He is an innocent man – this is the crux of the presumption of innocence. I think it is contempt of Court to have his name bandied about … Continue reading

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