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Double standards on picket lines

In Britain the Extinction Rebellion movement has set up blockades at printing works of various newspapers, notably the evil press empire of Rupert Murdock. This has roused the Conservative Government and prompted calls for  XR to be viewed as an … Continue reading

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Almost Relentless

An outbreak of the deadly fuck it I’m outta here-itus virus has hit left-wing heroes harder than most: Victorian teachers lodge more WorkCover claims for impacts of coronavirus pandemic than any other profession. Figures provided to the ABC show more … Continue reading

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While we were on Stalin’s side in WW2…

Currency Lad reported that Paul Keating said that we were on Stalin’s side in World War II to justify being cosy with communist China today.  Certainly we were both fighting Hitler but only because Hitler turned on his “ally” after … Continue reading

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Hanson & Lambie

I can’t quite decide if that sounds like a law firm on Collins Street or the blue-stamped maker’s name on an old Australian-made dunny. More obviously: Scott Morrison has been spending too much time at work and doesn’t even appreciate … Continue reading

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Hoarding is not the same thing as creating

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard the slurred ocker tones of Bill Kelty. Last night on the ABC’s Big Ideas program, the former Secretary of the ACTU ambled back on to centre stage: People always used to say … Continue reading

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Funding the Greens and Getup. Looking forward to the Greens/CFMEU administration

It seems that there is a report about today that GetUp is financially backed by the CFMEU. Of course, that would be a no brainer. The most radical and dangerous trade unions have been funding the Greens for years. See … Continue reading

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US Supreme Court decision in favour of workers and free speech vs unions

Sinc mentioned this is passing last week, and in case people missed it, a step in the right direction. Under Illinois law, public employees are forced to subsidize a union, even if they choose not to join and strongly object … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on Workplace Laws

Industrial relations laws have the power to determine whether this century will be one of prosperity or stagnation for Australia. Yet despite bills to establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission and the Registered Organisations Commission serving as the official … Continue reading

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Australia’s Workplace Relations Framework: the Case for Reform

Martin Ferguson and Jennifer Hewett at the Sydney Institute. The podcast. See Bill Hutt in Revivalist 4 for some historical background on the role of trade unions in relation to wage fixing, law and order and productivity.

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From Sydney Institute: Media Watch and Martin Ferguson

Media Watchdog. If you missed or want to see again MARTIN FERGUSON & JENNIFER HEWETT speaking on AUSTRALIA’S WORKPLACE RELATIONS FRAMEWORK: THE CASE FOR REFORM it will be re-broadcast on Channel 648 and on SATURDAY 12 AUGUST 2017 at … Continue reading

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