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There’s a bat in our soup as well

SHARRI Markson’s exclusive in the Weekend Australian reporting that Chinese military scientists discussed weaponising coronaviruses five years ago stops short of claiming COVID is their fantasy in action. But even if ‘final solution’ paperwork cannot be found – it is … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Ready To Crumble

MEETING jaw to jaw may be better than war, as Churchill said, but when your enemy’s is clenched for battle rather than loosened for mediation, war is possible whether you like it or not. I’m all up for calling them … Continue reading

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Letitia’s War

ON this solemn day – when wealthy and privileged Patricia Karvelas tells a war story of “sexism” at Parliament House and celebrates “brave women like Brittany Higgins” – I was already thinking of real Australian heroines and how they don’t … Continue reading

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Heed Hastie

Government announces royal commission into veteran, serving Defence member suicides.   However emotionally beneficial to those bereaved who deserve to be heard, Royal Commissions as cathartic events – the one announced today will make no civil or criminal findings – … Continue reading

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Thank you, Catherine McGregor

This fusillade is superb. Read it all. Keep your tears to yourself, Mr Morrison. Defend our men.

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                 Afghanistan exit: ‘This is a terrible decision — it will be a disaster’. Afghan Association of Australia chairman Abdul Khaliq Fazal said the decision would lead to civil war, meaning the sacrifice of Australian troops could be wasted… Why would … Continue reading

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Biden obeys Trump

Biden says it’s time to ‘end America’s longest war’, as final Afghanistan withdrawal announced.

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ABC already interviewing Romulans about possible war crimes

RAAF planning for new military space command as it celebrates 100th anniversary.

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“We’re going to lose fast”

     U.S. Air Force held a war game that started with a Chinese biological attack.   Extraordinary and disturbing details in that piece on strategy now afoot, not born of a pandemic or an election aftermath but strangely symbiotic with both. … Continue reading

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Ba-Dum Tish

ANTHONY Fauci now reminds me of the medico praised by Henny Youngman in Goodfellas: “Dr Wellsler is here. Wonderful doctor. Gave a guy six months to live. Couldn’t pay his bill. Gave him another six months.”         Fauci warns that the … Continue reading

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