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The Greater Depression

AS Steve noted earlier today, the St Louis Fed estimates US unemployment could reach 32 percent as a result of the coranavirus shut-down. The highest rate during the so-called “Great” Depression was 24.9 percent in 1933. Catastrophes of this magnitude … Continue reading

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I’m now inclined to widen the meaning of social distancing

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Beginning of The End For Democrat Party’s Favourite War

BREAKING: US, Taliban sign deal to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

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How are you feeling, Jimmy? Like a mean motherf*cker, sir!

Defence force flies experts to Kosciuszko in corroboree frog rescue mission.

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For Trump, a Twelver Gun Salute

WAS it really as basic as that? At every phase of the US-Iran ‘relationship’ since 1979, Tehran’s Shiite overlords had the world believing they were capable of any atrocity – however apocalyptic – to resist the Great Satan. The world … Continue reading

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Peacemaker Trump set to shut down America’s longest war

Via OldOzzie on the Open Forum: Taliban council agrees to cease-fire in Afghanistan. Elsewhere: Afghanistan’s Taliban ruling council ready for ceasefire with US. Veteran US journalist and blogger Don Surber two days ago: Ending the Afghanistan War may be next: … Continue reading

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Paul Haw-Haw

Everybody knows you never go full Evatt The Chinese Communist Party’s most outspoken adviser, Paul Keating, is in the news again for doing what he nowadays seems to do best: trashing the West for Beijing. Ignoring the crimes of the … Continue reading

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Is Donald J. Trump the heir to Robert F. Kennedy, the beloved hawk-become-dove who turned against the Vietnam War in the few years before his assassination in 1968? His unapologetic decision to draw down still further America’s military role in … Continue reading

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Remember, remember the fourth of June

OK, so it doesn’t rhyme, but we should remember the date all the same. Here’s the story from today, fourth of June even: Storm over surprise warship visit. Defence experts said it was ­important there was transparency about engagement with … Continue reading

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James Bartholomew and the communist museum of terror

James Bartholomew is best known these days as the man who popularised the term virtue signalling by using it to describe left wing posturing and posing in their support of “good causes” like saving the planet from carbon dioxide. He … Continue reading

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