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Joyce no longer wants to finance the lemon he awokenated

Cold and richly deserved: Qantas dumps Wallabies as part of broader sponsorship shakeup.

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Two months ago, the “experts” said we would all die without it

Despite 6 million downloads, COVIDSafe yet to detect any unknown coronavirus contacts.

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If the solution is more expensive & unreliable RE

What was the problem? Discuss. 11.30. Wind power running at 2% of total demand. The wind map on the side of this display shows that there is next to no wind predicted for Victoria and southern NSW  for 4pm tomorrow (Friday … Continue reading

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Keynes, laissez-faire and coming out of lockdown

This was put up at the Societies for the History of Economics discussion thread: The Wall Street Journal has a review by Ben Steil of Zachary Carter’s upcoming book, The Price of Peace: Money, Democracy, and the Life of John … Continue reading

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Even though mum and dad are at home with little else to do

Childcare centres to be free for parents during pandemic, Scott Morrison announces. The Federal Government will spend an estimated $1.6 billion to fund the radical — but temporary — overhaul of the struggling sector, which has been pleading for a … Continue reading

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How to structure public spending so it actually does some good

I have an article up at the American Institute for Economic Research explaining how idiotic a “stimulus” at this time is: A Classical Economic Response to the Coronavirus Recession. It takes as read that we are going to have a … Continue reading

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WA Labor spends millions to ‘prove’ privatisation doesn’t work

WHEN even the ABC acknowledges a “big price tag” and a deal that “will come at a significant cost,” you know we’re talking seriously large sums. The McGowan government will spend $93,000,000 to roll back the Barnett government’s privatisation of … Continue reading

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Controlled burn

WA Emergency Services Levy funding used to pay for $100,000 worth of artwork at fire stations.

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Hey, you know who the real fire heroes are? ABC journos.

Our ABC is invaluable – but never more so than during a crisis. The past few months have proved that. We’ve always got to defend it. — Anthony Albanese (@AlboMP) January 1, 2020

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Bosses cry out for more public money

Nothing new here: Chief executives of Australia cry out for clear energy policy in survey of top business bosses. Comes with Investment in solar and wind farms drying up. This is a very good news story: A sharp slump in … Continue reading

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