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It’s Olympics time again and you know what means:

IOC cult leader John Coates takes the gold for being an arsehole. No mean feat these days.

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Super and other government rorts. From the Aust Taxpayers Alliance

Losing over half your life’s earnings to taxes and then being slugged with another 25% on your retirement income is a rough deal. This month, the ATA published our report exposing our superannuation system is in dire straits and provided three … Continue reading

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Government picking winners again + Steve Koonin on the climate caper + Energy realism

UPDATE: SEARCHING ON ENERGY REALISM IN AUSTRALIA  to see if our site has a web profile yet.  This turned up. Australia, at Last, Has an Energy Realist at Its Helm   Not quite what I was looking for! Abbott is out, … Continue reading

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For good of the nation, Emilia and Tina must return to work

The ABC asks two typical Aussie battler families about their ‘childcare’ needs… Federal budget boost to parental leave, childcare could lift women’s workforce participation. For Alex and Emilia Bachem the idea that childcare isn’t seen as a cost of working, … Continue reading

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A Complete Clutterbuck

Victorian government plans to dramatically boost the sale of electric cars by 2030. We’ve been wondering why we haven’t had a subsidy in Australia. Now it sounds like we might be on the march to a better system.” – Wodonga … Continue reading

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Cost: approximately $3.79 million

‘Milkshake consent video’ pulled amid mounting political backlash.

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FDR Shrugged

From a very entertaining review of David Michaelis’ new biography of Eleanor Roosevelt:                                      Helen Andrews: Do-Gooder In Chief. Eleanor was moved by the desperate plight of out-of-work miners and, because they lived so close to Washington, it was convenient to … Continue reading

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It’s only right that you should pay for a millionaire to be buried

Carla Zampatti will be given a state funeral after family accepts NSW government’s offer.

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The Liberal Party: protecting Australia from left-wing extremism

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They have a case

15-Year-Old Boys' Soccer Team Demands Equal Pay For Beating U.S. Women's Team — The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) March 25, 2021

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