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The ongoing suffering of contemporary Western women

Did you know there has never been a female president of the International Ski Federation?

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The Communist minerals hegemony and the joy of regulation

No technologically important and widespread industry ever began in a regulated environment.  While the progressive leftwing forces in the west set out to destroy our cultural heritage and the foundations of  peace, freedom and prosperity, the Chinese set out to … Continue reading

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How will the Taliban’s bullshit stories be recorded now?

Like the gallows of Nuremberg prevented Germans reporting the ‘war crimes’ of the Allies… Australia’s decision to close its embassy in Afghanistan by the end of this week could impede investigations into alleged war crimes by ADF troops who served … Continue reading

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Exterminate ugliness: a grand mission for the civilised

Budapest, Hungary 🇭🇺 I hope the Europeans governments will follow this example. — Traditionalism revival (@trad_revival) May 18, 2021

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Totalitarianism. Are we there yet? Thoughts prompted by Judith Sloan

“Stop mucking around at the back of the bus, you will distract the driver. By the way driver, where are we going? “ “I don’t know, We just got elected to drive this bus and I am doing stuff so … Continue reading

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There’s a bat in our soup as well

SHARRI Markson’s exclusive in the Weekend Australian reporting that Chinese military scientists discussed weaponising coronaviruses five years ago stops short of claiming COVID is their fantasy in action. But even if ‘final solution’ paperwork cannot be found – it is … Continue reading

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The left/right divide we face today

This is Dennis Prager on the distinction between the left and the right. Making it of even more interest, the video begins with a long cut from Jordan Peterson on Q&A a few years back. I also think the question … Continue reading

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Where’s America headed?

Two items just picked up from and both are part of the picture of an America in free fall into some kind of totalitarian adventure that will cause no end of harm before we are done. The first deals … Continue reading

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Breeding ignorance

There are lots of ways to assess a civilisation, but there is no denying that the one we live in here in Australia is the most successful so far as economic prosperity and personal freedom are concerned. We in the … Continue reading

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Mission périlleuse

Save France, former generals tell rulers, or “active comrades” will intervene to save it for them. 20 retired French generals sign open letter calling on French political class to "return to honor" — PEG (@pegobry) April 22, 2021 Related: … Continue reading

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