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This Quigley Fellow

It has been a necessary and momentous achievement in the development of civilisation to set laws down so everyone knows what they may and may not do, and to protect people from the capriciousness of rulers who are also bound. … Continue reading

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Written before Joe Biden accepted the Democrat nomination

Notwithstanding that the Civil War is hard to top, there’s always room in a democracy for alternative views: One hundred years later to the day, any sober and dispassionate mind must conclude that giving ladies the right to vote was … Continue reading

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Dieu merci: “Notre-Dame de Paris will be rebuilt identically”

Historian of the cathedral, Agnès Poirier, celebrates the triumph of a pure restorationist vision: After fifteen months of suspense during which designers from around the world have come up with the most audacious if not totally bizarre designs for Notre-Dame’s … Continue reading

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Joe Montana

 No boyfriends until you’re 30, Idaho                                                                                                      In other mapping news, NASA announces a new mission – to discover hurt feelings everywhere in the universe: NASA to Reexamine Nicknames for Cosmic Objects. Distant cosmic objects such as planets, galaxies, and … Continue reading

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The world we have lost for the time being

In 1965  the Association of Jewish Refugees launched a ‘Thank-you Britain’ appeal as a token of gratitude from the people who had sought refuge in this country from the oppression of the Nazis. Funds were presented to the British Academy … Continue reading

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76th Anniversary: The Heroes of Warsaw

THE “protesters” in the streets today have nothing in common with them. They are, in fact, Reich revivalists. FRONT-line worker Różyczka Goździewska was an eight-year-old nurse during the Warsaw Uprising: First of all, a message to English left-wing journalists and … Continue reading

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is right about St Damien of Molokai

This is what patriarchy and white supremacist culture looks like!”

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Individuals with a cervix

Aren’t they called women? — Laurence Fox 🇭🇰 (@LozzaFox) July 31, 2020

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I have two dreams, or maybe three. Wind studies the way to global healing, not to mention Popper and the Austrians

2PM UPDATE ON THE WIND. In WA the wind is generating 0.5% of demand and the wind forecast for tomorrow is much the same. In SA there has been no wind power at all since midmorning.  NSW is producing more … Continue reading

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An interview with Donald Trump on July 24

It’s longish but doesn’t seem like it once the interview begins. The President doesn’t seem worried about the election result, but you should be. Anyone who lives in the United States and believes that Joe Biden is preferable to PDT … Continue reading

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