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It was 40 years ago today

Released in the US on this day in 1980, Back in Black remains the biggest-selling rock album of all time. Not bad for a replacement singer who borrowed a mate’s car and a fiver from his dad to get to … Continue reading

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Karl Popper on the roots of socialism and identity politics

Popper fought as an ANZAC in WW2. He was living in Christchurch but he was not allowed to put on a uniform because he was classified as an enemy alien so he wrote The Open Society and Its Enemies to … Continue reading

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Christians under siege throughout the world

Regardless of who is found to be responsible, there can be no doubt that incitement to destroy the patrimony of the West – intellectual, moral and material – has been mainstreamed by the political left and the media. Arson suspected … Continue reading

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Whiteness defined

The poster is found here: Smithsonian’s Anti-White Propaganda. It supposedly provides the characteristics of “white culture”, which seems like an astonishingly racist term and generalisation. Even “people of colour” have now also adopted many of these character traits. Yet for … Continue reading

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Why is it legal for a state to order a lockdown?

Can this be legal? Why is this incompetent fool, Daniel Andrews, allowed to shut down an entire state on his own say so? Here’s the latest rumour: Australia Victoria is considering Stage 4 coronavirus restrictions. Melburnians have been put back … Continue reading

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Duda Wins But Swords Are Still Drawn For Civilisation

THE victory of Law and Justice Party incumbent Andrzej Duda in Poland’s presidential election on Sunday was the best news of the month and, politically, the best news of the year (so far). There is no country and no culture … Continue reading

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Peter Baldwin on the menace of identity politics

For the benefit of people who don’t regularly see The Weekend Australian this a fine contribution that appeared last weekend. The good news is that it attracted almost 700 comments, overwhelmingly in support. Peter Baldwin Racing to tear down the … Continue reading

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Cancel Karl

On further reflection, there may be some upsides to this cancel culture business, specially within economics. How bout this fellow Karl Marx. There’s a dead white European male if ever there was one. Why isn’t he now being cancelled? How … Continue reading

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From the comments here. And let me pair the above with this, from Instapundit. WHY I SIGNED THE HARPER’S LETTER: In 1996, the late great Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami was on stage taking questions at the Lincoln Center in New York City … Continue reading

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Racism as an active agency has virtually disappeared within the civilisation of the West

I’m not going to name names here but this follows upon the issues raised by Stephen Meardon that I discussed in this post: What bravery looks like in the modern age. The following note was sent to me offline – … Continue reading

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