What to do about shifting AZ advice

Today in The Australian

Last week, as Australians were confined in yet another round of lockdowns, Scott Morrison urged the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation to review its advice, which unconditionally recommended the AstraZeneca vaccine only for over-60s. Following that request, ATAGI updated its view and recommended the vaccine’s broader use.

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The Other Albo

It’s costing Americans nothing to get vaccinated. Why don’t you check up on this shit before you tweet about it?”

AstraBeneca deals with a habitual ABC blunderer

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New emission reduction proposals: you can help!

By applying here, you can help the government further undermine the AUSTRALIAN economy by pointing to additional ways to prejudice low-cost energy.

Some $7 billion a year, even without the transmission lines that defer the renewables-inspired system collapse, is bringing insufficient damage.  Minister Taylor commissioned the King Review, the recommendations of which his bureaucrats condensed as:

  1. Enhancing the Emissions Reduction Fund to encourage greater participation;
  2. Incentivising voluntary emissions reductions on a broader scale; and
  3. Unlocking the transformative low emissions technologies that businesses need.

Can you believe this gobbledygook?

Where were words like “Encouraging”, “Incentivising”, “Unlocking” when the Court of Star Chamber or the Gestapo were looking to persuade their clients that they were applying gentle persuasion?

I doubt that the Industry Department would take kindly to advice that suggests we abandon all the regulations and direct subsidies that are imposing costs on energy, diverting farmers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs from seeking out and responding more cheaply to meeting consumer needs. The Department and its Minister would be affronted to discover that their efforts detracted from rather than enhanced national welfare.

We need Parliamentary representatives that speak the truth as Tony Abbott continues to do.

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The counter-position for why people do not want to take the vaccination shot

A very interesting video picked up here: The Other Side of the COVID Vaccination Argument, Video. Actually, it is the other side of what is heard everywhere else, except here.

You might also find this of interest: Covid-19 Vaccine Analysis: The most common adverse events reported so far. Comes with a truly terrifying list.

PLUS THIS: ‘Filthy, disgusting & selfish’: Australian leaders blast anti-lockdown protesters, unleash ‘strike force’ to track them down. Much easier to arrest people than try to explain why there is no possible containing the covid, particularly through vaccination, mask-wearing and social isolation. This is what they do instead.

NSW Police Minister David Elliott earlier announced that at least 22 veteran detectives will be working as part of a special unit to identify and track down people who attended the rallies.

NSW reported two deaths and 141 new cases of Covid-19 on Sunday, which is slightly lower than the day before. Authorities, however, have hinted that as the protest risks turning into a superspreader event, the month-long lockdown in Sydney might be extended even further.

“We don’t want a setback, and yesterday could have been a setback – time will tell,” Berejiklian said. The state’s current lockdown rules bar residents from leaving home except to obtain food and other “essential” goods and services, for medical care, including vaccinations, and for outdoor exercise and “essential” work.

The state of Victoria in the meantime recorded only 11 new cases, but Premier Daniel Andrews blasted the protesters for putting “many other people in real danger,” and said that he could not rule out that the state’s own lockdown will also be extended.

Since the pandemic began, Australia has repeatedly staved off the spread of Covid-19 with some of the world’s most draconian lockdown measures, in pursuit of driving new cases down to zero even at the expense of civil liberties. Over the course of the pandemic, the country recorded just over 32,700 cases and 916 total deaths.

On Saturday, thousands of people sickened by perpetual restrictions and confinement marched through major Australian cities, chanting “Freedom!” and clashing with police who were deployed to disperse these “illegal gatherings.”

‘Filthy, disgusting & selfish’: Australian leaders blast anti-lockdown protesters, unleash ‘strike force’ to track them down

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“Positive [covid] tests as they are counted today do not indicate a ‘case’ of anything”

The real question is why are we still in lockdown? From Why Is The CDC Quietly Abandoning The PCR Test For COVID?

Numerous epidemiological experts have argued that cycle thresholds are an important metric by which patients, the public, and policymakers can make more informed decisions about how infectious and/or sick an individual with a positive COVID-19 test might be. However, as JustTheNews reports, health departments across the country are failing to collect that data.

Here are a few headlines from those experts and scientific studies:

1. Experts compiled three datasets with officials from the states of Massachusetts, New York and Nevada that conclude:“Up to 90% of the people who tested positive did not carry a virus.”

2. The Wadworth Center, a New York State laboratory, analyzed the results of its July tests at the request of the NYT: 794 positive tests with a Ct of 40: “With a Ct threshold of 35, approximately half of these PCR tests would no longer be considered positive,” said the NYT.“And about 70% would no longer be considered positive with a Ct of 30! “

3. An appeals court in Portugal has ruled that the PCR process is not a reliable test for Sars-Cov-2, and therefore any enforced quarantine based on those test results is unlawful.

4. A new study from the Infectious Diseases Society of America, found that at 25 cycles of amplification, 70% of PCR test “positives” are not “cases” since the virus cannot be cultured, it’s dead. And by 35: 97% of the positives are non-clinical.

5. PCR is not testing for disease, it’s testing for a specific RNA pattern and this is the key pivot. When you crank it up to 25, 70% of the positive results are not really “positives” in any clinical sense, since it cannot make you or anyone else sick.

So, in summary, with regard to our current “casedemic”, positive tests as they are counted today do not indicate a “case” of anything. They indicate that viral RNA was found in a nasal swab. It may be enough to make you sick, but according to the New York Times and their experts, probably won’t. And certainly not sufficient replication of the virus to make anyone else sick. But you will be sent home for ten days anyway, even if you never have a sniffle. And this is the number the media breathlessly reports… and is used to fearmonger mask mandates and lockdowns nationwide.

Scamdemic is a word I have come across that may really represent what we have been through. Also discussed here: CDC Seems To Tacitly Admit PCR Tests Can’t Differentiate Between COVID And The Flu.

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By “this country” he means Australia

These are the notes to the vid:

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about the insane coronavirus restrictions put in place to deal with the delta variant in Australia. The other day Gladys Berejiklian, the Premier of New South Wales announced their no regrets policy. This COVID response may be the most extreme in the world. The Sydney lockdown will force almost a million people to stay in their homes, but wait till you hear the numbers to justify it. Dave also shares a clip from Chief Health Officer of New South Wales, Australia, Dr. ​​Kerry Chant, where she actually advises people to not even talk to their neighbors or people you see at the grocery store.

Personally I’m glad I do live here since I think everywhere else is worse. We may well be the least crazy people on the planet, Daniel Andrews notwithstanding.

Thought I might include this as an added bonus:

AND NOW FROM CNN: Australia once reveled in being the ‘lucky country’ on Covid-19. Now weary Aussies ‘feel like prisoners’. There we learn:

More than half the population — including those in state capitals Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide — are again living under lockdown measures following dozens of new cases.

While other Western countries surge ahead with their vaccination rollouts and begin to reopen, Australia’s has been achingly slow. Just over 11% of Australians are fully vaccinated — the lowest of the OECD’s 38 countries.

“Fortress Australia” is now facing uncomfortable questions about just how far this island sanctuary is willing to go to protect itself from external threats — including raising the drawbridge to its own citizens.

Australians have been willing to “put up with restrictions which elsewhere in the democratic world would have been entirely politically impossible,” said Marc Stears, director of the Sydney Policy Lab at the University of Sydney.

That’s because these restrictions speak to “quite a deep cultural sense that danger lurks overseas, and the best thing that Australia can do in these moments is cut itself off from the world,” Stears added.

The challenge now is how to rejoin it.

Not a fan of lockdown myself, but who would trade life in Melbourne or Sydney for life in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Minneapolis? As for Covid deaths, we have had fewer than a thousand while in the US there have been, according to the official statistics, 35,184,671 cases and 626,713 deaths. The American numbers are obviously exaggerated but it’s a worldwide frenzy of fear mongering that has caught on here. But seriously, where would you rather be?

The Delta outbreak in New South Wales started in Bondi, Sydney.

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David Bidstrup guest post. Matthew 7.7 – “Seek and ye shall find” (The Covid mantra)

Here in the state of darkness our leaders are urging everybody to get tested to find out if they “have Covid”. Today’s rag continues the propaganda under the heading of Lockdown 3.0 with stories of people waiting 12 hours for tests and promises to open new testing sites. I have looked at the quantum of tests against the strike rate for “cases” and the numbers are diabolical. The table below shows the story. By the way, the data comes from SA Health’s “Data Dashboard” which gives a blow by blow description every day.

A quick caveat, like most data sets there is a disconnection between the start date for cases and for tests. I have used equivalent time periods however the actual case numbers are a bit less than the “official” numbers. I have picked a time period of 10 days in November 2020 where 111,095 tests were done to find 16 cases.

There are 2 days where no cases resulted from around 24,000 tests and these are highlighted in yellow. In this period the “hit rate” was 1.6 cases per day. Using $50.00 as a reasonable cost per test, considering the number of traffic wranglers needed and extended hours each case identified in that 10 day period cost the taxpayer $347,172.00. Continue reading

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Three options for political change

I’m summarising my current understanding below.

There are effectively three options for change:

1. A single party in which a number of small parties (which are basically breakaways from the illiberal Liberal Party) unite behind a single leader and offer Australia an alternative government. John Anderson’s name has been suggested by someone as a possible leader behind whom everyone could fall – but it is unclear whether he’ll be willing to leave the Nationals. Another leader could be Craig Kelly. This option would be similar to the Janata Party of 1977 which wiped out Indira Gandhi’s party in India after the Emergency of 1975. Around 10 parties came together at short notice see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janata_Party#Creation  – this merged party won an amazing 43.2% of the vote and formed a majority government.

2. A “third front” that can combine to threaten the Liberals that they’d be preferenced last if they don’t meet basic demands. The problem with this option is that it is unstable, likely to be ignored by Morrison and will still bring back the Liberal Party if it is successful in getting the demands met.

3. A range of other (mostly very weak) options of the sort that LDP is looking into (for the upper house balance of power). These options are unstable and uncertain and will still get us back the Liberal and Labor parties – and they’ll feel vindicated by the voter for their totalitarianism. When the voter goes into the ballot booth and finds a 3 foot long white sheet with 60 names on it, he/she looks for a familiar one (Liberal/Labor), ticks it off and gets out of the booth. Upper house balance of power strategies are basically a gamble, and they won’t even address the underlying problem, even if they succeed.

I’m working on option 2 with a few political parties at the moment. Will have an update if it starts building momentum. But I’m still most inclined to support option 1. All we need is a single leader behind whom we can all unite. The people are absolutely sick of the mess going on in Australia and we don’t want an option in which ANY of the current Liberal/Labor party MPs get re-elected.

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No, the young are not at “considerable” risk of being killed

It’s very sad that a young woman should die from COVID, or from anything for that matter… The message is that young people are at considerable risk and at higher risk than with the earlier variants of COVID. Young people shouldn’t think they’re at no risk or even minimal risks. Because it’s going to kill.”

– Nobel Prize-winning vet Peter Doherty staggers from ‘considerable’ to ‘higher’ to ‘kill.’ Young people are at minimal risk, as the latest official figures (below) confirm. (NB: emphasis added).


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Vaccine propagandists and the big lie


After I read this article – Don’t Combat Covid Hysteria with Vaccine Hysteria – what occurred to me was this. That it is as if I was told that to protect myself from Covid I had to take a parachute jump from an aeroplane at 2000 feet. Once I had landed safely, then everything after that would be fine. The question then would be whether I would survive the parachute jump, which was very likely, but not certain, or whether this leap of faith would actually protect me from the virus long-term, which increasingly seems unlikely.

This is the core argument in the article.

No More Myths:

  1. No, the vaccines don’t “change your RNA.”  This presentation offers a solid explanation of how the mRNA vaccine works.
  2. No, the spike protein doesn’t make you ill. See above.
  3. No, the vaccines are not some sinister plot by Bill Gates to reduce population.
  4. No, Big Pharma is not in league with the government to put poison in your body. The only way to encourage private enterprise to develop vaccines was to remove liability.
  5. No, the CCCP did not intentionally release the virus. It would make for a really lousy bioweapon that only kills old and/or sick people. China depends on the global economy, especially that of the U.S., for its own economic health (for now). Had this been intentional, multiple people would have been deliberately infected and flown around the world to spread it. That didn’t happen.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. The vaccines must do something to the way your body operates or they are doing nothing at all. What are the physiological changes that will occur and what are the long-term effects?
  2. Lots of people have been made ill who have taken the vaccine. What has caused these illnesses, and what can we expect in the future that we are unable to know of so far?
  3. I doubt any of this has been initiated by Bill Gates but there are many others who see some kind of political advantage that will accrue to them based on the covid panic. Everything about the way this has unfolded – eg “two weeks to flatten the curve”* – has appeared to be political and very little seems to have been purely medical
  4. Removing liability will hardly make me believe that the pharmaceutical companies are completely confident that there are no dangers. The pharmaceutical companies do understand that as much as they may wish to limit physical harm to those who take the vaccines, nothing can be certain without the normal period of testing that typically takes place prior to the release of such vaccines. In any case, they are in it for the money – which is perfectly all right with me as a motivation – but hardly makes me trust the vaccines any more than if they had produced them out of the kindness of their hearts.
  5. The notion that the CCCP are innocent and blameless is absurd and even to say so is disgusting. The Chinese were developing this bio-weapon. possibly even in cahoots with the US and Dr Fauci. There can have been no purpose in developing a bio-weapon other than to undermine one’s political enemies. Even if everything related the release of covid was accidental, and happened mostly by chance, to absolve the CCCP of a large share of the responsibility is morally and politically repulsive.

Taking such a personally-risky step as taking any of these vaccines should be left to each individual to decide for themselves. There are also risks in not taking the vaccine which, if the vaccines actually do what they say they do, mostly fall on those who do not wish to do so. And there are still Ivermectin and HCQ for anyone who wishes to protect themselves without taking these potentially risky injections.

* As an added footnote to all this, I put this into google, “two weeks to”, and guess what did not come up. And then there was this comment by Dr Flying Duck from here which begins with a quote:

“No coronavirus vaccine has been developed until now, and one suspects if it wasn’t for the Covid panic, these current Covid “vaccines” would be called failed vaccines and have never left the laboratory because they clearly don’t protect against catching Covid”

Unfortunately, it’s worse than that – the reason for failure of all previous coronavirus vax projects is ‘Antibody Dependent Enhancement’ (ADE) – which means the vaccines DO succeed in generating antibodies in the host, but that subsequent exposure to the wild virus results in WORSE infection because the antibodies potentiate the disease. We are already seeing INCREASED hospitalisation in vax vs unvaxxed people (the Israeli data I saw says vaccination increases the risk of Delta hospitalising you by 5x!!) , which is EXACTLY what you would expect with ADE.

Something deeply deeply sinister is currently going on, worldwide, in this co-ordinated campaign to force everybody to get the vaccine.

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