Toxic treatment of women by Labor and the left

SA Liberal MP Nicolle Flint.

In its ongoing series of attacks on the Federal Coalition, today The Australian comes up with this: Toxic Canberra too much for MP Nicolle Flint. Here is the gist of it in their own words:

Ms Flint — who was hounded, stalked, and labelled a slut and a prostitute in the vicious 2019 campaign in the South Australian seat of Boothby — has decided she can no longer tolerate the pressures of political life as a female MP….

“I did not put up my hand so I could be the sole candidate ­heckled, mocked and shouted down by GetUp, Labor and union members at community meetings,” Ms Flint told parliament. “I did not put up my hand so my election posters could be defaced with the words ‘skank’ and ‘blow and go’, suggesting I was a prostitute charging $60 an hour.”

Of course, given the nature of The Australian and its entirely anti-government left agenda, these two statements are 16 paragraphs apart. Go to the link and count them for yourself.

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The man universally endorsed by Australian feminists

THERE’S a lot to see in Texas and many hands to shake at the Houston food bank whose staff are working to make the world a better place for the poor. But Joe Biden, presently visiting the Lone Star State, encountered a little girl at one such facility and that, as they say, was that: he wouldn’t leave her alone. I’ve said before that while I don’t regard Biden as a pederast, I do think he has a strange fetish for girls. It is not normal for an adult man to be mesmerised by them, to manhandle, sniff and kiss them, to press them to his crotch, to caress their chests and quiz them about dating.

In any Australian jurisdiction, Biden would be sacked and very probably charged by police for his behaviour. As the country endures yet another sexual harassment panic promoted by the media to ‘get’ conservative enemies, it strikes me as apposite and telling that every feminist, grievance campaigner and professional leftist in the nation joyously welcomed “decent” Joe Biden to the presidency. Of course, if he was an LNP minister, backbencher or staffer, they would be screaming for his immediate prosecution. These are not serious people. They don’t really care about Brittany Higgins any more than they really care about abused Aboriginal women. They are borderline sociopaths whose only objective is power attained through hatred and calumny. They are the toxic ones.

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Decent Joe lovingly vaporises brown people for some reason

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Open Forum: February 27, 2021

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Attention Michael Oakeshott groupies!

Michael Oakeshott Association Conference 2021

More about the Michael Oakeshott Association.

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ABC using dead woman to own the cons after Pell humiliation

Relying on living accusers and perjurers is, after all, fraught with risk:

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Music Maestro: February 26, 2021

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Copper Don’t Preach

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But we did invent hamburgers, pizza and doughnuts

Never in the field of human oppression have so few fed so much to so many:

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Competition best way to wake up our universities

Today in The Australian

With the outcome of the High Court appeal in Peter Ridd’s case highly uncertain, the government seems to have an almost touching faith in the capacity of its model code of conduct to protect academic freedom.

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