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Victoria Police refuses to investigate anti-Pell cash transfers

The smelliest police force in Australia rushes to declare that the recipients will be protected:

Victoria police has confirmed being made aware of payments from the Vatican to Australia, but says that without evidence of “suspicious activity” it is not investigating them.

On Tuesday, Australia’s financial crimes watchdog, Austrac, revealed it had provided information to the federal and Victorian police after it was asked to examine allegations that €700,000 (A$1.1m) had been paid from Vatican funds, allegedly in connection with George Pell’s court matters.

On Friday, a Victoria police spokeswoman told Guardian Australia: “Austrac has made Victoria police aware of transfer of monies from the Vatican over a period of time to Australia.”

“They have not advised Victoria police of any suspicious activity related to these transactions,” she said. “In the absence of any other evidence or intelligence, Victoria police has noted the advice from Austrac. We are not at this time conducting any further investigation.”

No evidence of suspicious activity – apart from 700,000 stolen euros being tipped into somebody’s account “over a period of time.” Note well that VicPol doesn’t deny the recipient was linked to the anti-Pell cause. If the money went to a plainly neutral person or cause, they would have said so. Loudly.

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Rohan: A poll that’s too good to be true?

I wanted to write this after Steve Kates lamented why the Essential poll showed 61% support of Dan Andrews, in his The Melbourne Syndrome Revisited post. I said at the time something along the lines of, the polls are manipulated in such a way so they’re used as a weapon to whack the neigh-sayers. They’re in effect a political cancel culture attack vehicle and outright propaganda. I still hold that view.

However, there’s real world data in the public domain, that since its inception in 2004, is batting at 100%. I was enlightened just after the 2016 US Presidential election, by Jim Stewart. Jim is a Search Engine Optimisation expert. His company consults for businesses, getting their websites to rank in Google search engine results either organically or using Adwords. Just after Trumps win, he posted a video looking at the Google Trends results. In that video, he stated that Google Trends has correctly picked the winner in every Presidential election since 2004, and indeed the election in every Western country since. It correctly picked Scott Morrison’s win in last year’s federal election. Even the two elections contested and won by the Canadian champion of blackface, Justin Trudeau. To illustrate the point, I suggest you watch this 9:12 minute video where Jim breaks down the data, analysing the 2019 Federal Election.

Google collects the input of search phrases every time you Google something. It’s a search phrase popularity contest. This information can be used to write content for a website, especially in an e-commerce setting. But if you have smart election campaign staff, it can also be used to gauge how well your campaign is going and what issues you need to address.

Now that we’re in the last 2 weeks of the Presidential election, let’s compare the last 2 weeks of the 2016 Presidential election campaign to the current previous 2 weeks. I’ve used the search terms Hillary Clinton (blue team) and Donald Trump (red team). Then done the same for this campaign: Joe Biden (Blue Team) and Donald Trump (red team). Note the filter used to select results exclusively from where it counts, in the United States.

When you look at the averaged interest for the period on the left, that is very close to the actual margin of electoral colleges won by Trump in 2016. It really is very good indicator.

Now look at the last 2 weeks to date of the Biden vs Trump election race in the current race.

Note the average interest for the period. At this point Google Trends shows Trump is #winning comfortably and by a much healthier margin than 2016. If you then look at every other issue facing this election, levels of interest, policy positions, law and order, Hunter Biden etc, you know the democrats are looking more and more like charcoaled toast.


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Forest for the trees

Further to TAFKAS’ earlier post regarding ASIC Chairman James Shipton standing down this is a link to his official statement on the matter.

Here are a couple of quotes from his statment:

Considering the concerns expressed by the ANAO, I (Shipton) will voluntarily reimburse ASIC for taxation related expenses ASIC paid following my 2018 relocation from the United States.

Whilst I believe that I have acted properly and appropriately in this matter, I hold myself to the highest possible standard.

Shipton’s resignation relates to the payment of:

118,000 for his tax advice to relocate from the United States to Australia to take up the job;


Almost $70,000 in rental payments, equal to $750 a week in 2018 and 2019, was made by ASIC on behalf of Mr Crennan after he relocated from Melbourne to ASIC’s Sydney office.

Subject to the outcome of this independent review, TAFKAS would like the following question asked of Shipton and Crennan:


But punters should not lose the forest for the trees.  This “scandal” and the Holgate one yesterday relate to under $250,000 of expenditure.  Whilst not an insignificant amount, it should be considered in the context of hundreds of millions of dollars of economic to damage done to Australia by the failures of both of these organisations.

If they were actually effective at their jobs, they could keep the $250K.  Instead, it is but the cherry on top of the economic carnage caused.

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And another one bites the dust

Day 2 of the expenses follies.  The AFR is reporting that ASIC chairman James Shipton is stepping aside:

Australian Securities and Investment Commission chair James Shipton has stepped aside from his role while a review is undertaken into the remuneration and benefits paid to executive office holders.

Mr Shipton made the shock announcement while appearing before a Parliamentary committee hearing on Friday.

According to a statement from Treasurer Josh Frydenberg “payments made on behalf of the ASIC Chair, Mr James Shipton, relating to taxation advice and Deputy Chair, Mr Dan Crennan QC, relating to housing expenses that he considered may exceed the limits set in the Remuneration Determination made by the Remuneration Tribunal and that there were also identified instances where the Commonwealth Procurement Rules were not followed.”

Treasury will lead an independent review into the matter which will report by year end. Mr Crennan will repay $70,000 and Mr Shipton will repay more than $118,000.

“Whilst I believe I have acted properly in this matter. I hold myself to the highest possible standard,” Mr Shipton said. “And it’s very important that I act with integrity and honour.”

Gee.  If everyone involved in an alleged expenses scandal stepped aside, the Australian Parliament would struggle to make a quorum.

But more to the point, if any public company had the same dysfunctional governance arrangements and behaviors, ASIC would be all over it.  Except ASIC can’t investigate itself.

Where is that boardroom psychologist when you need her.

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Bizarre claim: Mary MacKillop may be angry with Tony Abbott

The Josephite saint – exactly like George Pell – was famously the victim of “slander and false accusations.”

There are three reasons Mrs Keneally is hysterical about Tony Abbott attending an anniversary Mass in Rome conducted by Cardinal Pell: humiliation, pride and vengeance. St Mary MacKillop, pray for her.

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Judgement time

Latest from the Spec.  What a shocker ….

When does an error in judgement cost someone their job? It depends.   

If it is Gladys Berejiklian, you are safe. If it is Laura Tingle, you are safe. But what about Christine Holgate, Australia’s Postmaster in Chief? 

It was reported yesterday that Holgate gave ‘luxury’ watches as presents to a number of her senior staff as a reward for completing a task. Total cost of $12,000 for four watches. 

and the conclusion ….

Judgement. The universal get out of jail card. Perhaps the moral to the story is that the smaller the scandal the higher the penalty.  

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Trump v Biden Debate Open Thread

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Some prelims for the debate today at noon

This is the chap who was Hunter Biden’s business partner in China. It is virtually impossible to get any of the major media organisations to discuss almost any of it. And then there’s this.

And here is PDT’s own release of the full interview with Leslie Stahl at the American 60 Minutes.

You can also read a thorough discussion at Ace of Spades. The media bias is unbelievable. BTW Trump did not walk out.

Unconscionable. You want to see PDT walking out on an interview, this is Donald Trump walking out on an interview.

Even in retelling the story Baron Cohen tells only lies. The actual version and his version are a prefiguring of Leslie Stahl at 60 Minutes. These people are relentless liars.

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