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Batt Man Returns

Kevin Rudd slams PM for claiming ‘first ever’ call out of reservists during bushfires.

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She bravely rallied NZ around the gate after the horse bolted

Sam Clench at leftist news.com: Jacinda Ardern showed Scott Morrison how to lead during a national crisis. The Prime Minister seems to think it is his job, first and foremost, to reassure the country; to act as though everything is … Continue reading

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If these ferals weren’t forgotten before, they should be now

‘Go back to Kirribilli’: Morrison heckled by angry residents in Cobargo. Some local residents were unhappy to see the PM on his visit. “So many people here have lost their homes,” one woman said to Mr Morrison on Thursday as … Continue reading

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Have the nation’s transport ministers cut short their holidays?

The Christmas holiday road toll (so far): 22. Fires death toll (so far): 17. No? Why not? Meanwhile, tits & ass paper of record, The Daily Mail ‘reports’: ‘More tasteless than the fireworks themselves’: Scott Morrison is slammed for hosting … Continue reading

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Hey, you know who the real fire heroes are? ABC journos.

Our ABC is invaluable – but never more so than during a crisis. The past few months have proved that. We’ve always got to defend it. pic.twitter.com/AzgmiZNFlK — Anthony Albanese (@AlboMP) January 1, 2020

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The ABC implies that Port Jackson could catch on fire

Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve fireworks display to go ahead despite bushfire risk.

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Volunteers as slightly nobler scabs

ANTHONY Albanese is going from bad to worse. I’ve written about the promise he once had, at least compared to Bill Shorten; more recently, I noted how his series of ‘headland’ speeches had deteriorated into a blancmange of fatuousness. When … Continue reading

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Journalists want Morrison girls punished for bush-fires

CHRISTINE Nixon has rolled back onto centre stage today to testify at the Lawyer X Royal Commission. Of more interest than anything she is likely to say there is the hot new talking point – tangential to her imposing personage … Continue reading

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A Sunburnt Country, debris hoarding and boys with matches

Liberal MPs say there’s no use ‘beating around the bush’ — bushfires are stoked by climate change. “We cannot deny that these fires have been going on for weeks and we need to address the causes of them,” he said.

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