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How’s That Russia Collusion Thingy Going?

Remember how Trump apparently colluded with the ‘Russians’ to rig the 2016 US Presidential election – and how he is being ‘investigated’ for this apparent crime? It’s ok, I almost forgot too. Of course, none of Muller’s Russia ‘investigation’ has … Continue reading

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Remember Crooked Hillary?

Following on from Steve’s post below, it’s incredible that Trump barely slurs a few words and the whole media melts down. Conversely, when Hillary did things like this, we were expected to make nothing of it whatsoever: PS: I posted … Continue reading

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The Swamp Runs Deep

If I presented the following conversation to you, who would you say is the crazy one? Person A (to person B) – I’ve been starving my people for years and committing various other human rights atrocities so that I could … Continue reading

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How Venezuela Came to Be – Part 2

Ten days ago, I re-posted my article ‘Venezuela has Completely Run Out of Other Peoples’ Money‘ which goes some way to explaining how the disaster that is today’s Venezuela came about – and why it should matter to Australia, where 50% … Continue reading

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